Imaginaria 2018 – Schedule day by day

Here is the booklet of program

Special event for the presentation of the 16th edition of the Imaginaria festival.

Starting at 10.00 pm the doors of the splendid location will open officially where, until 25 August, one of the most participated events of the apulian summer.
The Imaginaria festival anticipates, with a special and totally free evening, the news of the 16th edition inside the Medieval Complex of St. Benedict.
The public can browse the program, buy tickets for the shows in advance, view the various spaces dedicated to events, exhibitions, bookshops, listen to live music and maybe taste products prepared by our partners with fresh, certified and zero-kilometer ingredients.

h.22.00  – Giardino dei Limoni c/o Complesso di San Benedetto – free entry
Official presentation of the 16th edition of Imaginaria – international animated film festival.
Present: Luigi Iovane (artistic director of the festival), dott. Aldo Patruno (director of the Culture Department of the Apulia Region), Antonio Parente (director of Apulia Film Commission), Pasquale Loiacono (Mayor of Conversano), Francesco Magistà (Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Conversano).

h.22.30 Concert by Guappecartò + live painting by Matthew Watkins

Guappecartò born in Perugia as street musicians in 2004. During their performance the famous actress Madeleine Fischer – collaborator, among many, Antonioni, Sordi, Anna Magnani, Bergman – artistically falls in love and asks them to compose a soundtrack for his film of imminent realization.
Precisely the creation of those songs leads young artists to decide to believe totally in their abilities.
They leave for Paris, with the aim of reaching more easily the streets and squares of all Europe, driven by the only desire to play their instruments and share their music with as many people as possible. Immediately Guappecartò are loved not only by the public they meet, but also by critics and musicians who find in them a very high sense of stylistic freedom and a profound musical poetics. To date, after 12 years from birth, the Guappecartò have made 4 discs and have performed in more than 1500 concerts throughout Europe. The most recent album, ROCKAMBOLES, produced by Stefano Piro, has reached its third reprint and has been represented in 70 concerts throughout
Italy. Critically acclaimed, it has been chosen as the disc of the week by the “Fahrenheit” program of Radio Rai3. In 2013 the director Alessandro Rak decides to enrich, with three titles signed Guappecartò, the soundtrack of his great success The art of happiness and then again in 2017 with two other titles in the soundtrack of the animated film Gatta Cinderella. Guappecartò is a surprising and balanced mixture of many genres and cultures, which the ensemble has been able to know and absorb over the years, during its incessant travel, on the streets, in the squares, in theaters, among people all over Europe. They move, smile, dance, imagine … live.

Matthew Watkins was born in Manchester, grew up in Toronto, for 20 years he lives in Italy. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art in “Communication and Design”, he has worked in the advertising, communication and marketing fields and currently deals with business consulting, counting national and international companies among his clients.
One of the most influential exponents of the new trend in mobile digital art, he has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in many cities including New York, San Francisco, London, Leeds, Verona (Civic Museum of Natural History), Bari, Milan and Hamburg ( Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe). Prestigious magazines and newspapers have spoken about him such as Monsieur, Wired, Washington Post, Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph, Wired and GQ. His works have been the subject of
national and international television columns including, for Rai, “Art News” and “Neapolis” and a documentary by SBS Korea. Matthew is a lecturer of university masters and post-graduate courses and has just returned from China for three months teaching art, design and technology.